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Puscifer + A Perfect Circle + Failure - Cinquanta Live

Puscifer + A Perfect Circle + Failure - Cinquanta Live

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A1 Failure– The Nurse Who Loved Me
A2 Puscifer– The Undertaker
A3 Puscifer– Man Overboard
A4 A Perfect Circle– 3 Libras
A5 A Perfect Circle– Weak and Powerless
B1 Puscifer– Horizons
B2 Puscifer– Breathe
B3 Failure– Solaris
B4 Failure– Dirty Blue Balloons
B5 A Perfect Circle– The Package
C1 A Perfect Circle– The Noose
C2 Puscifer– Trekka
C3 Puscifer– Vagina Mine
C4 A Perfect Circle– Counties Bodies Like Sheep
C5 Failure– Sergeant Politeness
D1 Puscifer– Monsoons
D2 Puscifer– Oceans
D3 A Perfect Circle– Blue
D4 Puscifer– Undertaker Spanish Fly
D5 Puscifer– The Humbling River

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